More than an overnight stay

Youth centre Trbovlje doesn’t offer just an overnight stay to guests but also an enjoyable experience of staying in the hostel which conveys Zasavje’s legacy through it’s shape and colourful paint. As soon as guests step into the rooms, which are named after the most beautiful local hills, they are taken to a world of adventure that the Zasavje region offers.

Cultural crossroads…

Youth centre Trbovlje is filled with a special pulse. It is one of the only places in the Zasavje region where people of different nationalities, cultures, beliefs and views can meet … Guests come from all kinds of places however their stay can be enriched by the youth centre’s fun, music, rekreative or other kind of events.

Just the right dose of adrenaline…

The hostel staff has a special keen sense for guests that want a sport adventure. The Zasavje’s region hills are an ideal opportunity for hikers of all ages. Cyclist enthusiasts can test themselves on the ascent to hill Kum which is the second toughest ascent in the whole Europe. Rocky cliffs present climbers a decent amount of adrenaline and runners can experience something unique.. running in the abandoned mining tunnels under the ground.

Best for groups

We are known by our comeptences of hosting larger groups. We host multiple groups of people per year that are a part of the international youth exchange program. Through the years we have learned how to take care the needs of guests from different countries. We prepare and offer a custom made program for each group.

Friendly hostel for families and disabled people

Our staff ensures that all of our guests, no matter the age or ethnicity, have a nice hostel experience. This way families with little children can stay over as the rooms have enough space for us to put a baby bed or even an extra bed. The hostel is located on the ground floor this makes it so disabled people have an easy access to it. We also offer a room that has a modified bathroom for people with disabilities. We ask our guests that they inform us of any request they might have when reserving rooms (baby bed, extra bed, room for people with disabilities).

Pet friendly hostel

We haven’t forgoten about your little furry friends. We welcome pets in our caffeteria and hostel. We ask our guests that they inform us about their pet staying in the hostel when reserving a room.

We offer rooms with double beds (single or pair), apartment (single, pair, family with children) or room with bunk beds (groups of up to 14 people). Apartment and rooms with double beds have their own restrooms while the room with bunk beds has a common restroom. Guests can use the common multipurpose place, hostel kitchen and the caffeteria space.

  • Free internet access
  • Laundry room (first washing free, afterwards it’s paid)
  • Drying room
  • Use of the kitchen
  • Free books and DVD rentals from the library
  • Events of Youth centre Trbovlje
  • Storage of bicycles and other sports equipment
  • Free parking

Getting to the top of the hill Kum is a challenge for every cyclist be it a mountain or road cyclist. Ascending to the hill Kum is a personal acvhievement that you will forever remember. A good hour of tough ascension is paid off by the magnificent view of the local hills and more than a well deserved refreshment in the Slovenia’s awarded best mountain lodge.

For enthusiasts of mountain, road or downhill cycling we can prepare a one or more days long program that also offers relaxing with massages, sauna or pool.

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Probably the only place in Slovenia where you can run five kilometers under the ground. The popular »Jamatlon« is just one of the reasons why the Zasavje region is favoured by runners. Another reason is the popular »Knap trail« that is a pure treat for runners that like longer tracks. Hundreds of kilometers of forest trails, which are located in the embrace of the Zasavje region hills, is just one more reason why the Zasavje region is a great recreational destination for professional and enthusiast runners.

For fans of running in the nature we offer one or more days long programs which also include relaxing massages, sauna or pool.

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The Zasavje region is ideal for climbers as its geographical topology is very diverse abd offers multiple climbing routes with difficulties raging from 4c+ all the way to 8a. All the climbing routes are maintained, cleaned and equipped by the local communities, mountain societies and hard working volunteers that also maintain them. During the winter, if it is freezing, you can also try iceclimbing on frozen waterfalls. If you’re looking for something that is easier to grip look no further, you can climb on various man made sports climbing walls which are placed in the nature and sports halls.

After tough climbing days we can offer you relaxing massages, sauna or pool.

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The Zasavje region mountain trail takes hikers on an adventure around the beautiful landscape of the surrounding hills. Hiking is appropriate for people of all ages and the hills are open throught the year. You don’t need to be in a great shape for hiking but you do have to like hiking and never overestimate your capabilities and have respect for the mountain trails.

We offer one or more days long programs which also includes relaxing massages, sauna or pool.

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If you are a fan of »wicked« stuff then the Zasavje region is the place for you. Two adventured that require courage and true adventurous spirit are:

The ascent to the talles chimney in Europe:

The chimney which was built in the mid seventies in order to prevent environment polution offers today an adrenalin tourist adventure. The ascent up the 364 meters tall chimney is anything but easy as it demand a very good physical readiness and collected thoughts. The unforgettable view from the top of the chimney is worth every ounce of sweat.

Adrenalin ride with raft down the Sava river:

The river Sava flows in the embrace of the Zasavje hills accross multiple adrenalin rapids of which the Prusnik rapids offer the best adrenalin experience. Rafting in the Sava river is also very interesting as you can see thenatural and industrial heritage of the Zasavje reegion.

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Printable list of the best cycling trails in the Zasavje region.